V Steering Committee – Foligno, 30th June - 3rd July 2014 (ENG)

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Between June 30th and July 3rd 2014 the partner FELCOS Umbria organized in Foligno, a town close to Perugia in Italy, the 5th Steering Committee of the Project.

During these days several institutional, operative and administrative meetings took place among the Project partners. The international delegation was composed by the Mayor of the dominican Municipality of Comendador, Luis Radhames Minier Perez; by the Mayor of the haitian Municipality of Belladère, Hoslor Alcide; by Felix Antonio Santos Mora, Project and planning Manager of FEDOMU (Federación Dominicana de Municipios), accompanied by Laura Indira Reyes Matos; by the delegates of FAMSI (Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad Internacional) Rocio Villén and Carmen Pastor; and, for the FPMCI, by its Executive Chairman Pietro Accame together with the General Director and Project Manager Sisinnio Guido Milani, supported by Lorenzo Botta, local coordinator of the Project, by Valeria Querzola, head of Administration and by the secretary Mariagrazia Strippoli.

The Executive Chairman of FELCOS Umbria, Joseph Flagiello, participated for the host partner together with the Director Massimo Porzi, the Project Manager Chiara Coletti and Administrative Manager Irene Merletti. Walter Trivellizzi, Raffaele Capponi and Vania Paoloni attendend as delegates for CIA Umbria.

Few months far from the conclusion of the Project, scheduled for 5th December 2014, the Steering Committee aimed to share with partners the progresses of the Project, with the intent to plan the actions for the last few months, to define in detail the plan for the purchase of agricultural materials, which is the most expensive purchase, and to finalize any changes in the budgets of the partners.

Specifically, on 30th June was held the meeting involving all partners of the Project, while on 1st July were held bilateral meetings on financial and administrative matters between the leader FPMCI and each project partner (CIA Umbria, FAMSI , FEDOMU FELCOS and Umbria).

During the visit in Umbria, the delegation of Haiti and the Dominican Republic has also arranged a series of institutional meetings organized by FELCOS Umbria: Tuesday 1st July with the Mayor of the Municipality of Foligno Nando Mismetti and the new Councillors Silvia Stancati and Emiliano Belmonte, who participated with respectively delegation to the International Cooperation and post-earthquake reconstruction; the day after with the Manager of the Region Umbria as proxy for International Relations and Cooperation, Mauro Pianesi, and Silvio Ranieri, General Secretary of ANCI Umbria; Thursday 3rd July with the Mayor of the Municipality of Terni, Leopoldo Girolamo and the Councillor delegated for International Cooperation, Silvano Ricci.

On an operational level, the partners discussed the scheduling of missions for the Local Governance seminars and the trainings on prevention and management of the risk (disaster - earthquake risk). A core point was embodied by the strengthening of the Oficina de Mercadeo related to the productive sector of the beekeeping, in particular about the ongoing construction of a hall for honey's extraction and about the activation of the administrative procedures to obtain the export's authorization from the EU, in parallel to the establishment of a traceability system and a single register of beekeepers in the Country.

It was pointed out how the promotion of the establishment of a national law on this sector could have practical and concrete economic implications and it has been agreed the desirability and the great potential of a careful honey production's development which can represent an advantage not only for the Project itself, but also for the long-term local economies.

On an administrative level it has been discussed the redefinition of the budget for agricultural plans, and important administrative procedures for the acquisition and management of materials and agricultural machinery have been agreed.

The partners also discussed the route of administration and legalization of the Oficina de Mercadeo, so that it can deal with all the business of buying and management of agricultural equipment. In closing, they talked over the matter of the equipment's donation at the end of the Project: these will be assigned to the respective partners of the Project and then donated to the Mancomunidad and to the Municipality of Belladère.

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