[ENG] - Purchase and donation of maní seeds in the Department of Plateau Central

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The President of the organization of Las Cahobas (Haiti) and other Board of Directors members, collaborating with Project Experts in order to package in sacks the seeds that will be delivered by the Project to the beneficiary organizations of farmers.

Farmers of Thossaique (Haiti), working with the Project in order to deliver good quality seeds with the target to improve the yield quality.

Farmers of Los Puertes organization, Municipality of Belladere (Haiti), receiving the seeds of maní in sacks according to criteria fixed during the meetings of the organization with the target to improve the quality and efficacy of the seeds donation.

Haitian farmers collaborating in order to distribute the seeds among the different members of the organization.

The president of the Organization of Los Puertes reading the Act of delivery for 51 quintals of maní seeds.

The agronomist Oscene Ineus, member of the Project’s team, weighs the maní seeds bought at the farmers Association of Thomassique, Haiti.

The sacks containing maní seeds have been loaded on the truck of the Municipality of Las Cahobas, Haiti, in order to be carried in the different territories by the seats of the 17 farmers organisations that will be beneficiaries of the purchase of maní seeds.

The Board of Directors of the organization OPDP Dos Palais, Municipality of Belladère (Haiti), receiving 14.8 quintals of maní seeds. At the moment of the delivery the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary signing the formal Act of Delivery of the seeds by the part of the Project Pull Down The Line.

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